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1. Profit Zakat

  • Professional income by the majority of scholars is categorized as a type of compulsory zakat based on assets analogy (qiyas) for the resemblance (syabbah) to the characteristics of the existing zakat assets, namely:
    1. The model of obtaining income from a profession is similar to the harvest from agricultural products, so that This treasure can be analogous to agricultural zakat based on the amount of 653 kg of milled dry grain (equivalent to 522 kg of rice) with the time to spend zakat (haul) every time you receive it income (salary).
    2. The model of property received as income is in the form of money, so that this type of asset can be obtained analogous to the zakat property (savings or wealth) based on the level of zakat that must be paid at 2.5%. Thus, if someone's income meets the requirements obligatory zakat threshold, he is obliged to pay zakat on his income.
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    Income (Salary / Monthly)
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    Debt / Installments (/ Month)
    Income / Income per Month
    Nisab is a condition for the minimum amount (threshold) of assets that can be categorized as property compulsory zakat. For income that is required zakat is income that is above Nisab. Nisab Zakat Income is equivalent to 522 kg of normal rice.
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    a. Current rice price (/ Kg)
    b. The amount of Nisab
    Must pay professional zakat ?
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    Zakat of Assets (Maal)

  • Zakat of Assets (Maal) is a number of assets that must be issued if it has reached a certain minimum threshold (Nisab) in a period (haul) every one calendar year.

    I. Zakat of Assets (Maal)
    a. Assets in the form of Savings / Demand Deposits / Deposits
    b. Assets in the form of Precious Metals (Gold / Silver)
    c. Assets in the form of Securities 2)
    d. Property in the form of Property 3)
    e. Assets in the form of vehicles 4)
    f. Assets in the form of Art Collection & Antiques 5)
    g. Property in the form of Merchandise Stock
    h. Assets in other forms
    i. Assets in the form of Current Receivables
    Amount of Assets
    j. Debt Maturity When Paying Obligations of Zakat
    Amount of Assets Calculated Zakat
    For assets that are required for zakat is assets which amount to above Nisab. Nisab of Zakah on Assets (Maal) is equivalent to 85 grams of 24 carat gold.

    II. Nishab Zakah for Assets (Maal)
    k. Current Gold Price (in grams)
    l. The amount of Nisab Zakat Mal per year
    m. Do I have to pay Zakat Maal ?
    Amount I Must Pay / Year
    Amount If I Pay / Month

    3. Resume of Zakat Calculation

  • Is a summary of the calculation of zakat each above
  • Resume of Zakat Calculation
    1. Monthly Income Zakat
    2. Zakat paid for Monthly Mall
                          Total Monthly Zakat Payment